Design Currency

It would be fair to call me a sucker for graphic design. This recent article in WIRED is no exception. The featured artist proposes new design for the currency currently offered in our United States of America. These new monies are design around the concept of scientific advancements as opposed to long deceased elder-statesmen however.


The artist, Travis Purrington, also proposes an update every twenty years to breathe life into this form of transaction. But does this form of a paper based currency even afford a look into the future. It seems to be currently falling to the wayside. In my own experience and several friends share my stance in that, cash is for emergencies.


As Travis has brought a clear and aesthetically pleasing approach to the graphic design of currency, how too can we look towards the design of the transaction. As ApplePay comes bounding towards us what will that experience be like? How will tapping your iPhone compare to the buyer’s remorse that comes with delicately handing someone on the other side of the register two crisp hundred dollar bills?


Larger questions about the future of trade are apparent but in the meantime let’s enjoy these fantastic pieces of art that we could carry around! What other bland everyday objects are lying around waiting to be studied? Check out the full article on WIRED and Travis’ website.

image credit: Travis Purrington

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