Iron Pipe Shelf

We were in search of a large bookshelf. The solution was to design a piece of simplistic furniture matching the character of our brick encased home. We have a fairly eclectic and industrial mix of design books, vintage household elements, and physical therapy study materials. Our design included a wood supply that matched the coffee table we built and steel piping which shares the same aesthetic as the hairpin legs of the same aforementioned table.


Crafting the table was a fairly simple process. After putting together a quick sketch, it was much easier to determine the quantity of supplies which were needed. The haul from my ‘local’ home improvement store consisted of 2×10’s (3), 12″ black malleable iron pipe at 1/2″ diameter (8), black malleable iron floor flanges (22), and one pound of 1″ drywall screws. The most drawn part of the process was finishing the wood. After sanding, staining, sanding and applying polyurethane the wood was ready. Measuring for placement of flanges and pre-drilling holes were the only objectives before assembling the black malleable iron into the joints. There was a bit of choreography involved with when the flanges need to be fastened to the wood versus connected to the pipe but once a rhythm was established the build came together succinctly.

Sketch Design
Black Malleable Iron Fittings
Black Walnut Water Based Stain

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