License Plate Alphabet

Mixing art and education. License plate maps have always seemed to provide an opportunity. This is combined with an aesthetic that in all fairness, lands in my sweet spot. Recycled materials, a different way of visualizing a common everyday element, and maps.


A different approach was taken in an effort to portray the alphabet. In the same vein of maps, the alphabet piece allows a pedagogical opportunity through art. A stencil typeface was chosen and laid out in a way that would be most legible. Twenty six letters were subdivided into sixty hand cut aluminum. License plates with the brightest and most vibrant colors were chosen to step away from the flat gray stained aspen. A wood backing material was chosen which would give interest between letters but also provide a neutral bed.


My hope for the project was to step outside the geographic frame with which I have previously worked. In this way I think it has been successful. It provides a subject matter typically found in a preschool, with a patina appropriate to a wider range of styles. Here’s hoping that the two young ladies it was designed for enjoy it.

Final product
Templates prepared
Board layout
Placing letters