Training Weston was not exactly going well. We weren’t trying that hard either in retrospect but needed a way to incentivize him. We read about ways others have found success and settled upon a reward system / chart for every time he uses the restroom.

Upon an initial search, most charts were hideous to look at or function in a way that did not suit us. Thus started the exercise of designing our own potty chart. We developed the outline of how and when, settling on one sticker for a number one and two stickers for a number two. At increasing intervals there would be a reward of an ice cream trip.

We have found it easier to ask him if he wants to earn a sticker than asking him if he needs to use the restroom. He also is proud of himself upon being finished and enjoys the process of applying the sticker to the chart and counting the number or describing the color. It is working so far and we are proud of the product we developed. Sure the design could be better. But for an hour long (way less than Green Forests or the Shawnee 50 map) exercise on a Saturday afternoon, it suits our needs and is somewhat visually appealing.

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