Visualizing years of running

2016 will not soon be forgotten. Running the most I’ve ever done in a month, competing in a 50 mile race, two months recovering from heat exhaustion (those two have some correlation), and the hardest one, forcing running into a newborn’s schedule. Reminding myself of what has been completed over the last few years helps to set new goals and constantly be striving towards my annual goal of a 1,000 miles. Visualizing all of those previous runs is a task my feeble mind is incapable of, so I mapped every run I’ve done over the last three years to help.


The mapping effort is completely self-serving but beyond being a reminder of what my body is capable, it brings back fond memories (and painful ones). Racing in British Columbia, getting lost in state parks, loops around mountains and most frequently, exploring Columbus, Ohio. Seeing each effort in this cartographic format ties the number of 1,000 to a place. Those places can be quickly forgotten as one cruises by on foot, but taking a moment to look back is important. Already looking forward to how 2017’s map will look.


So in the map below, pan around and zoom in and out. See where I have been, but more importantly think about where your feet will take you.