Wordpress Adventure

Owning and creating my own website has been an idea just out of reach for several years. All of the why, how, for what questions would quickly materialize. In October I convinced myself it was time and struck out a coarse to create bashworth.com.


A personal and professional website to present not only work experience and philanthropic pursuits but also showcase my hobby/passion for license plate art. I thoroughly enjoy the endeavor that each piece brings and the joy that comes with opening the box of license plates that arrive. To expand this I have undertaken a website build via wordpress. This is all under the wing of Brandon Pence, who is the professional web developer behind studiopence.com. With some guidance and pushing in certain directions I purchased a domain, server space, a wordpress theme and developed my own web creation.


The process has been a bit arduous as my background is rooted more in design based in the physical realm. Dealing with the restraints and rules by which wordpress and theme restricts a design has at times been nothing short of frustrating. It has also posed a challenge as a way to think around the boundaries of web development. Learning how to navigate dashboard and manipulate the rules to obtain the desired effect on a range of devices.


Determining how to not only save files to the correct size but also creating page templates within wordpress has been an enjoyable task. Developing and establishing a hierarchy to the website was likely the largest challenge as that was not a way of thinking that I had cohesively wrapped my mind around. Many hours were spent staring at my sketchbook wondering how I could obtain the layout schemes that I had been dreaming up to properly display the material. The website will continue to be a moving target as I will continually look to improve its interface and content but if nothing else I’ve tackled another design typology that is the ever expanding world of webi-tecture.



top - Beehive Web Solutions' web cloud
bottom - bashworth.com website sketch